Nadia Pasarzadeh (from Iran)

Nadia Pasarzadeh (from Iran)

Result B1 for Viva,
Graduate-On-Time (GOT),
PhD Graduate on UTM 58th Convocation
Supervisor :   Dr. Rosmah binti Ali   &   Dr. Norhayati binti Mod Noor

I chose this program because it is related to my previous major and also because of its job potential opportunities available. What attracted me to study this program at UTM AIS because the courses offered in this program is actually what I was looking for. Besides, UTM AIS also concerns about student’s goals. During my study as a full-time Master student, I was assigned with two supervisors who assisted and guided me throughout my research tenure. Another thing I enjoyed the most about studying at UTM AIS is that student have access to online databases, not only local journal databases but also well-known journal databases, and access to other universities’ libraries.

Student life at UTM AIS and in Malaysia generally, is fantastic. I learned how to manage my life independently. My suggestion for potential students who plans to continue study at UTM AIS, listen to your supervisor’s advise and do not get easily frustrated in your research. Be patient when doing your research, you will reach your goal eventually.

Eyad H. Alshami (from Gaza, Palestine)

Eyad H. Alshami (from Gaza, Palestine)

Ex-President for UTM-AIS Postgraduate Student Society (PGSS),
Graduate-On-Time (GOT),
PhD Graduate on UTM 57th Convocation
Supervisor :   Dr. Noor Azurati   &   Prof. Dr. Shamsul

I chose to study Software Engineering at UTM AIS because of its well-known international reputation and its experienced staff. UTM AIS also offers good programs which covers different topics in the area of informatics. Another factor that attracted me to study at UTM AIS is because of its strategic location at the heart of Kuala Lumpur which has amazing environment and surrounded by kind people.

I chose full-time study mode because I need to finish my study as soon as possible and allows me to always meet my supervisor and AIS staff when I need help during weekdays. UTM AIS provide many facilities for students in doing research, we have access to available resources online and also postgraduate supervision scheme where every student has at least one supervisor to help and guide their research. These are some factors that motivate me in pursuing my educational goals.

After I graduate from UTM AIS, I am planning on continue research in the area of Software Engineering as well as having my own Software Engineering Consultation Company and share the experiences I gained while studying in UTM AIS to my students and colleagues in my home country Palestine – Gaza.

Asghar Pakbaz (from Iran)

Asghar Pakbaz (from Iran)

Master in Software Engineering

It has been always my passion to learn Software Engineering and to develop software products. That is why when I know of UTM AIS’s Master in Software Engineering program, I applied and flew to Malaysia. The reasons why I chose  Software Engineering offered by UTM AIS primarily due to the reputation of the university in general and AIS specifically. The courses structured modularly are one of the factors that motivate me to study in UTM AIS, it allows me more timely to attend to my assignments. In my opinion, variety of programs available in a faculty or university is one of the issues that need to be considered when choosing the right program to pursue besides student’s ability and expertise.

I am totally satisfied with the services and facilities provided by UTM AIS during my studies. All UTM AIS staff, lecturers and non-academic staff, are very helpful in guiding me during my study. I really appreciate and would like to thank all efforts rendered until my graduation. I personally like to thank my supervisor, Dr. Nazri Mahrin and Dr. Noor Azurati for their endless help and support. Studying in UTM AIS with its multicultural environment gave me the opportunity to gain lots of experience and knowledge. Apart from my fellow countrymen, I met new friends from Nigeria, Sudan, Malaysia, China and other countries.

I would like to recommend UTM AIS as the preferred choice due to its good reputation, friendly and helpful staff, and more importantly its advanced and innovative way of educating students. UTM AIS absolutely changed my perspective on the fundamental of software engineering and helped me gain confidence to prepare myself for a great experience in career and life.

Bilqis Fadhilah (from Indonesia)

Bilqis Fadhilah (from Indonesia)

Master in IT Management,
Now working at Angkasa Pura Airports, Indonesia

I chose to continue my study at UTM AIS because they offered the program that I was looking for. UTM AIS strategic location, being in the heart of Kuala Lumpur allows me to have high mobility, easily accessible to almost anywhere around the country. Studying in UTM AIS is very enjoyable, they have very supportive environment with very friendly and helpful staffs, both lecturers and non-academic staffs. Moreover, its multicultural environment gives another unique experience for me since I’m able to meet people from other countries, like Iran, China, Malaysia, and Middle East. But what I like the most about studying at UTM AIS is that they have a working scheme which gives student a chance working as Graduate Assistance. This post helps student to gain some working experience while studying and earning some financial support!

I would recommend others to study at UTM AIS because they offer a full-package study program. Good and updated program which are relevant to current market value, highly experienced teaching staffs, modern facilities, strategic location at the heart of Kuala Lumpur, and supportive study environment.

Nor Azliana Akmal binti Jamaludin (from Malaysia)

Nor Azliana Akmal binti Jamaludin (from Malaysia)

Phd Student,
Currently work at UNISEL

My name is Nor Azliana Akmal binti Jamaludin. I am a PhD student at Faculty of Computing, UTM Johor Baharu. I will always contacting with my supervisor at AIS because he is a dean of AIS. He was very ambitious, knowledgeable and experience in supervising the supervisee.  In addition, I would like to appreciate the AIS because my mock viva was examined by the AIS Lecturers’ like Dr. Nazri Mahrin and Dr. Rosmah Ali which incharged by Dr Azurati. Their inputs was very valuable in assisting me during the real PhD VIVA.

Along the way of my phd in UTM Johor, I have been interacting with Kak Zeb (Dean PA) to set the appointment with my supervisor and she was kind and motherly. I would also like to grab this opportunity to thank to all lecturers such as Prof Dato’ Norbik Bashah, Dr. Nazri Mahrin, Dr. Nazri Kama and Puan Haslina whom teach me during my Master in Computer Science (Real-Time Software Engineering) at AIS, formerly known as CASE. I have felt very welcome and this has made me seriously consider applying PhD in UTM. The AIS facilities is very good. I still remember which we does not need to went out for lunch because everything is ready by the AIS. I had my breakfast, supper, lunch and tea break during my class from 9.00am to 5.00pm which was great.Eventually, it was an honour to learn along with such a great blend of brilliant minds from all colleagues, staff and lecturers there. My experience at UTM completely changes my perspective on life!

Suriati binti Abdul Manaf (from Malaysia)

Suriati binti Abdul Manaf (from Malaysia)

Master in Information Assurance (part time),
Currently work as IT Security Analyst at Malaysia Airlines – IT Group

In my line of work, knowledge on Information Assurance is very essential. That is why I choose to register for Information Assurance program because of its relevance to my current job as IT Security Analyst. UTM AIS delivers beyond my expectations, specifically in keeping abreast with IT security technologies. Not only I get the knowledge I’m looking for, I also able to put it to practice. Now I have more confidence in doing analysis for penetration testing.

Studying at UTM AIS is very enjoyable. Not only it offers a good program, but they also have highly experienced lecturers to teach us. Not to mention friendly staffs as well.  And for prospective student I would suggest them to choose the right program before applying, consider the career opportunities available. Make UTM AIS, your preferred choice.

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