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Program Overview of Master of Science (Business Intelligence and Analytics)


The purpose of this academic programme is to produce ICT professionals with knowledge and advanced skills in Business Intelligence, Data Science and Analytics. Students will acquire knowledge and skills in data manipulation and data analysis (especially in Big Data) which will enable students to perform as the experts in Business Intelligence or Data Science by designing and implementing analytical activities, in which will promote organizational transformation.

This academic programme (Business Intelligence and Analytics – BI&A) can be described as the Data Science for business, in which it introduces the importance of data in the business world by presenting the principals of data governance (overall management of the availability, usability, integrity, and security of the data employed in an enterprise), fundamental principles of data science, and techniques to extract necessary useful knowledge and business value from multiple sources of data. A survey by Gartner (CIO 2013) concludes that “BI&A was ranked as the CIOs’ number one technology priority; a position it has occupied in three of the last five years”. Thus, this academic programme will emphasize on the balance between Business Intelligence, Data Science and Big Data Analytics to produce highly capable Business Intelligence Analysts or Data Scientists.

Program Outcomes

This programme is able to produce graduates with the following capabilities:

  1. Able to integrate business intelligence and analytics knowledge and technologies for effective and excellent practice as a business intelligent analyst or data scientist
  2. Able to evaluate and analyse the technology of business intelligence and analytics, to develop solutions for extracting, analyzing and delivering information, knowledge and insights necessary for well-informed, timely and effective decision-making.
  3. Able to apply critical and creative thinking, and conduct systematic investigation into complex data management, data analytics and decision problems, to generate innovative solutions and extend knowledge in business intelligence and analytics
  4. Able to effectively communicate, orally and in writing, business intelligence and analytics solutions to peers, superiors, clients and experts.
  5. Able to work and function effectively in a diverse and multidisciplinary team and demonstrate respect for cultural diversity.
  6. Able to promote and apply honourable ethics, values, attitude and professionalism for the benefit of consumers, the profession, and society.
  7. Able to apply and engage in independent and lifelong learning to keep up with the latest relevant knowledge and cutting edge technologies, and build up professional skills including information management skills.

Mode of Study
Course Work

FULL TIME (Minimum = 1.5 years/3 Semesters), (Maximum 3 years/6 Semesters)

PART TIME (Minimum = 2 years/4 Semesters), (Maximum 4 years/8 Semesters)


This program will be conducted at Advanced Informatics School (UTM AIS), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.


English language is the main medium for teaching & learning activities.

Career Opportunity

Graduate from MSc BIA will have a career opportunity in these following areas: Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Business Intelligence Specialist/Analyst, Business Intelligence Developer, Business Analytics Consultant, Forecast Analyst, Data Processing Consultant/Manager /Executive, Business Planning Analyst, Business Application Support Manager, System Analyst.

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