1 Azizah Abdul Manaf Dstegos – Digital Information Steganographic System Dstegos – Digital Information Steganographic System Copyright Copyright ©2007/10/52 15-Feb-07
2 Azizah Abdul Manaf Digital Information Camouflage System (DICAMS) Digital Information Camouflage System (DICAMS) Copyright Copyright ©2007/11/53 06-Nov-07
3 Azizah Abdul Manaf Au-StegSiS (Audio Steganography Security Information System) System, Methods and Program Product for Hiding Messages Patent Patent Pending PI 2008 4875 1-Dec-08
4 Azizah Abdul Manaf Pritheega d/o magalingam
Rabiah Ahmad
Zuraimi Yahya
A New Digital Evidence Retrieval Model for Gambling Machine Forensic Investigation A Data Retrieval Model and a Method Therefor Patent Patent Pending PI 2009 2389 11-Jun-09
5 Azizah Abdul Manaf Mohamed Abd Elgabar Ahmed Elyas Digital Forensics Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Windows Vista Encryption and Backup Techniques A Data Retrieving Method for Operating Systems with Encryption, Data Back-up, and Security Features Patent Patent Pending PI 2009 2525 18-Jun-09
6 Azizah Abdul Manaf Nuha Omran Aboejaila Abokhdair Integration of Chaotic Map and  Confusion Technique for Color Medical Image Encryption Method for Encrypting and Decrypting an Image Patent Patent Pending PI 2010 005931 13-Dec-10
7 Azizah Abdul Manaf P.Siva Shamala A/P Palaniappan A Model for Validation and Verification of Disk Imaging in Computer Forensic Investigation A Method for Verifying and Validating Forensic Disc Imaging Tools Patent Patent Pending PI 2011 000422 28-Jan-11
8 Azizah Abdul Manaf Fouziah Saleh Abdullah Aleidan A Secure and Enhanced High Embeding Capacity Steganography Based on Pixel Indicator Algorithm A Method and System for Steganographic Crytography Patent Patent Pending PI 2010 006154 23-Dec-10
9 Azizah Abdul Manaf Rabiah Ahmad
Khoo Bee Ee
Akram Zeki
Rashidah Funke Olanrewaju
An Adaptive Digital Watermarking System for Authentication of Intellectual Properties Method of Digital Watermarking for use in Authenticating Copyright Ownership Patent Patent Pending PI 2010 005532 24-Nov-10
10 Azizah Abdul Manaf Arash Habibi Lashkari A New Graphical User Authentication Based on Rotation and Resizing (GUABRR) System and Method of Secure Authentication using Image Password Patent Patent Pending PI 2015 700988 27-Mar-15
11 Azizah Abdul Manaf Sajjad Dadkhah
Somayeh Sadeghi
Efficient 2-Level  Image Tamper Detection using 3 LSB Watermarking Technique A Digital Image Processing Method and System Thereof Patent Patent Pending PI 2015 700388 6-Feb-15
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