Please find below an offer for postdoctoral positions at the
Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic (ranked by QS Top Universities among the best 15% of ranked universities, located in rapidly growing IT hub area with numerous industrial IT R&D centers):

In order to properly align the postdoctoral position with the research done at the Masaryk University, one reference letter from the academic staff of the Faculty of Informatics is required to confirm the alignment and applicant quality. I will be happy to provide the letter to prospective candidates with very good research record and interest in any of the following areas:

Analysis, design, and simulation of CyberPhysical Systems
and other critical infrastructures
Data-intensive analysis of smart infrastructures
Data-driven anomaly detection in enormous data sets
Cyber-security and cyber-crime detection and prediction
Secure data exchange in critical infrastructure

In order to learn more about the context of these topics (relevant open projects) and to apply for the reference letter, please send me:
– An academic CV, with a list of publications
– A letter describing your relation to the given research area
– Links to three of your best papers fitting the given research areas

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