Professor Dr. Juhana Salim is currently a professor of Information Systems at the Faculty of Information Science and Technology, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM). She’s actively involved with various research grants from UKM and Malaysian government. She published many books in the area of Information Technology, various high impact journals, and several numbers of indexed conference proceedings. She also took part in IT technology competitions and have won several gold medals. Among her areas of expertise include Information Technology, Information Retrieval and Knowledge Management. You can find more information about Prof. Dr Juhana Salim at her keynote session, she will focus on research methodology including advantages and challenges of conducting research as a graduate student.

Dr. Lailatul Qadri  Zakaria has just recently graduated with a Ph.D from University of Southampton, United Kingdom. Her expertise is in semantic web and ontology. She have published in several journals as well as indexed conference proceedings. In early 2012, she won the best paper award at the Society Of Digital Information and Wireless Communication (SDIWC) conference. For more information about Dr. Lailatul, please visit

For her keynote session, she will share her experience, including advice, tips and challenges as a graduate student conducting research at a university.

Dr. Laila – Resume


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