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Postgraduate Annual Research on Informatics Seminar (PARIS 2016) aims at inspiring research, development, and technology transfer. The research activities of postgraduate students are geared towards achieving excellence in R&D. PARIS 2016 is a platform being used by Advanced Informatics School (UTM AIS) to assist graduate students in showcasing their research ideas and new findings. PARIS 2016 is the 4th postgraduate annual research seminar organized by Advanced Informatics School (UTM AIS), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.  

PARIS 2016 has been designed to provide an atmosphere that will make graduate students gain research insight and good direction for their research activities. It is expected to be an avenue for fostering research networks and exchange of scientific research ideas and tools. Participation from postgraduate coursework and research students from four research groups in the Advanced Informatics School is expected in PARIS 2016. The students will showcase research work that cut across different areas of computer science and information systems.

It is hoped that this seminar will inculcate an excellent healthy culture that is geared towards ensuring passion, dedication, and commitment to research activities that will provide support to the UTM theme “Innovative, Entrepreneurial and Global”. It is also hoped that the seminar will motivate students to participate in national and international conferences. It is anticipated that the students will appreciate the feedback from various evaluators and get motivated with them. The objectives of PARIS 2016 are summarized below.


  1.  To enhance research culture that can support research university status.

  2. To provide a platform for graduate students to present their research progress to the academic community.

  3. To document the latest results of research outcomes by postgraduate students of Advanced Informatics School from various research groups,  focusing on the research field of Informatics.


“Towards Excellence in Informatics Research”

 Sponsored by

Research Management Centre (Dana Pengukuhan Penyelidikan), UTM.

Research Management Centre (Dana Penerbitan), UTM

School of Graduate Studies (SPS), UTM

PARIS 2016 Program Flip Book

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