Dean of Advanced Informatics School

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

Assalammualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh and Warm Greetings,

 I am extremely excited that the Advanced Informatics School (UTM AIS) is organizing its Postgraduate Annual Research on Informatics Seminar 2016 (PARIS 2016) in collaboration with the Research Management Centre and School of Graduate Studies (SPS) at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.

The seminar theme ‘Towards Excellence in Informatics Research’ is aligned with the school’s goal of achieving academic excellence through conducting research. We hope to create a community of researchers where students can easily obtain feedback from academicians and other researchers.

On behalf of AIS, I would like to take this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude to the committee members of PARIS 2016, the representatives from research groups at AIS, supervisors, evaluators, and students whose involvement and cooperation have been invaluable in making this seminar a success.



Deputy Dean

(Research, Innovation, Community and Network)

Advanced Informatics School

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

In the current trend of digital technology and knowledge sharing, the demand for research and innovation is crucially important. The emerging needs for advances in computer and informatics are anticipated through seminars and research activities. In conjunction with this primary target, a knowledge sharing platform such as PARIS 2016 is highly appreciated as it provides an opportunity for researchers and practitioners to communicate, explore, and disseminate their cutting-edge research outputs. PARIS 2016 is the fourth seminar held as an annual event organized by UTM AIS to support the current needs of ICT technologies especially in the field of software engineering, informatics assurance, computer systems and management informatics. UTM, as a research university has put an emphasis on the importance of research and publication through internal and external funding, collaboration, and networking with industries. With the current support of UTM research and innovation initiatives to bring efforts at the faculty level, this event can be seen as a research catalyst and enabler. The postgraduate students and supervisors can leverage on the existence of this event to highlight and improve their research output and its quality prior to writing to higher impact journals. Researchers at the same time can enlighten and share their impactful research outcomes with professionals, practitioners, and individuals in an effort to make the society more sustainable and knowledgeable. In response to national MYRA audit commitment, this seminar will hopefully emerge further benefits into creating potential patents, copyrights, and further collaboration with industry. It is hoped that all researchers and academicians especially those research students of Master and PhD can make full use of this opportunity to participate in the event in an effort to strengthen their research work.


Deputy Dean


Advanced Informatics School

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

Salam & Selamat Sejahtera. All praises be to Allah for HIS blessings that UTM AIS has managed to organize PARIS 2016. With the current postgraduate enrolments in UTM AIS, we could make a significant impact on the research-related achievements contributing to UTM’s RU status and graduate-focused University. In line with this, PARIS 2016 is conducted with high commitment from 4 Research Groups(RG) in UTM AIS aiming at providing an effective platform for research students to present their progress while ensuring valuable constructive feedback from the expert members in each RG.

The evaluation of the research progress is to ensure sufficient progress has been made by the students according to their year of study which could increase the number of excellent students graduating on time. PARIS 2016 will promisingly increase the quality and timeliness of the students’ research and ensure them successful viva.

We would like to thank all the committee members, which consists mainly of Post Graduate Student Society (PGSS) members, RG student members, lecturers, and UTM AIS support staffs who contributed their efforts to making this seminar a wonderful and beneficial experience for everyone. We would also like to thank Research Management Centre and School of Graduate Studies (SPS) for their sponsorship in making the PARIS 2016 a reality. To all students, thank you for your participation and we wish you a rewarding seminar.

Thank you.

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