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As we know, electric vehicles have been around since the 90s. However, just lately it is more convincing to be used as a suitable method of transportation. This fact becomes very evident with many of the electric vehicles around us today. As a result of this exciting development, vehicle manufacturers are competing to produce a new generation of vehicles that are better and more environmentally friendly.


Malaysia also does not want to be left behind in this competition. By 2020, Malaysia International Trade and Industry (MITI) target that hybrid and electric vehicles will contribute to 10% of Total Industry (Total Industry Volume – TIV) countries. The government is determined to see this industry grow and it is also evident with their support in terms of tax and fiscal incentives.


In this determination, electric vehicles industry is still faced with many challenges. Among the biggest challenges is to further boost the use of electric vehicles is preparing the infrastructure that effectively support the industry. Effort especially in providing places for re-charging the electric vehicles are still gloomy. To realize the aspirations and ambitions of the government, such infrastructure should be provided in a public locations, supermarkets, shopping malls, places to stay as well as R & R Highway.


Next, electric vehicle industry is still faced with a situation where there is still unsynchronized in charging systems produced by different manufacturers. This situation if left unresolved could impede the development of electrical vehicle industry. Few manufacturers of electric vehicle charger such as Panasonic and General Electric International Inc. in particular, had asked Advanced Informatics School (AIS) to develop a system that is capable of solving technical issues that still exist. This group is led by Professor Dato Dr. Norbik Idris and assisted by Dr. Mohd. Nazri Kama as the technical integration manager.


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