Research Alliance


Sustainability Research Alliance (SUSTAINABILITY)


Sustainability Research Alliance brings together individual researchers, research groups and centers of excellence from diverse backgrounds, but with a common objective of striving towards sustainability. Hence, SUSTAINABILITY as a group aims to enable Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) to function as a sustainable community, embodying responsible resource consumption and waste management, as well as integrating the available experts from various disciplines to comprehend and provide solutions on matters related to sustainability issues nationally and internationally.


Nanotechnology Research Alliance


RAs are aimed to conduct leading-edge multidisciplinary research, development, commercialization and enterprise (R&D&C&E) within focused areas. Research based Faculty a formal and strong association of research centers of excellence, research laboratories and research groups of a focused area within UTM.


Infocommon Research Alliance (RA - Infocomm)


Infocomm Research Alliance (RA – Infocomm) is a multidisciplinary alliance of research groups and research centers in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia actively involved in research and development in the field of information and communication engineering.


Energy Research Alliance (ERA)


Various groups in the field of electrical, chemical, petroleum & gas and hydrogen under ERA are actively conducting research in many strategic energy areas. From electrical energy system to energy efficient air-conditioning, power electronics to lighting high voltage, waste to wealth fuel including advanced energy from hydrogen, and enhancement system for conventional petroleum and gas. To ensure quality and high level of research output, each center of excellence and research group is lead by Professor or Associate Professor and supported by all experienced researchers with all experiments are conducted in a well-equipped lab. Energy Research Alliance is officially established on 18th May 2009 with 10 other research alliances in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia mainly to spearhead the research and development initiative which aims to conduct world-class leading-edge research.


WATER Research Alliance


The establishment of WATER is an effort to integrate available expertise in various fields in UTM to understand and to overcome complex problems related to water in Malaysia. WATER also is an interdisciplinary center of water research, consultation and graduate training. Our vision is to be a household brand from UTM in water research related activities (research, consultation & continued education, public awareness). Our mission is to stimulate encourage and enhance research programs postgraduate studies and advisory and consultancy services in water research related areas. Many venues will be explored for this mission including collaboration among various academic departments, private and public agencies.


ACE Research Alliance


The ACE Research Alliance brings together Research Groups and Centers of Excellence of UTM in Automation Cybernetics & Engineering (ACE). The study of Cybernetics includes concepts and applications in Artificial intelligence, Robotics, Computer Vision, Control systems, Systems Engineering, Adaptive Systems, Signal Processing, Decision Support Systems, Modelling and Simulation in Engineering, Emergence and the Learning organization. The research multi-disciplinary and involves participation across the Engineering and Basic Sciences. The ACE Research Alliance while being one of the smaller units within UTM is however highly focused emphasizing on quality research, output and utilization of resources. The Alliance builds on the key members of that already had a track record in research, publication and industrial relevance. ACE is committed to being a continuing leader in the research and development in automation Cybernetics & engineering in the region.


Materials And Manufacturing Research Alliance (MMRA)


Materials And Manufacturing Research Alliance (MMRA) is a strong association of existing centers of excellence, laboratories, formal and informal groups of individual professors, established research groups within UTM (possibly involving outside parties). The mission and vision of MMRA is to be an internationally recognized referral center for research, development and commercialization in the field of materials and manufacturing.


K-Economy Research Alliance


K-Economy Research Alliance was established in February 2009 with the intention of strengthening research and consultation activities by focusing the activities towards higher impact, better and more industry-relevant programs. K-Economy Research Alliance is built upon a strong association of existing centers of excellence, laboratories, formal and informal groups of individual professors and established research groups within UTM. Currently, K-Economy Research Alliance has 417 research members within 35 research groups and one center of excellence (COE). Research members are from various disciplines especially from ICT, management, education, Islamic studies and geoinformation, which makes RAKE a very multidisciplinary alliance. This fits very well with the multidisciplinary nature of the K-Economy.


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