About Me


London, 2014

Welcome to my personal page ūüôā Currently I am a senior lecturer at¬†Advanced Informatics School (AIS)¬†of¬†Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM).¬† Back in 1995, I graduated with Bachelor Degree of Computer Science (Software Engineering/MIS). Prior to this current job, I worked with 2 companies namely SAPURA Technology and PERNEC Corporation. ¬†I joined UTM in 1996 and attached to the College of Science and Technology (previously known as Program Pengajian Diploma). In the year 2000, I completed my Master of Computer Science (Real-time Software Engineering).¬† As UTM moving towards Research University, in 2005 I pursued my PhD (Mathematics) at UTM Skudai under the supervision of Prof Shaharuddin Salleh and attached to the University of North Carolina, USA, where I worked with my co-supervisor Prof Sanjoy Baruah. ¬†You can read my PhD Thesis here. It was a great pleasure to work with this two great Professors. In 2010, I joined the Advanced Informatics School of UTM to teach the Master of Software Engineering and other programs. Finally, to enhanced my research knowledge, I did my post-doctoral at the University of York, UK in 2013-2014. If you wish to know more, do drop me an email and happy browsing!
Contact Information:
Dr Suriayati Chuprat
Senior Lecturer
Advanced Informatics School
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
54100 Kuala Lumpur
Email: suriayati.kl@utm.my
Other email: scsuria@gmail.com


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