8 steps doing lit review using mendeley (Journal 23-1-2016)

Good steps wrote by one of our DSG sister.


Good website on MIS research methodologies

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Qualitative analysis interview data: A step by step guide (Journal 23-1-2016)

Parking sini sat. Tend to read this soon. But I assume it will help a lot of beginners qualitative scholar-to-be. Oh BTW, if anyone accidentally came across my website and read this, this is my personal PhD journal based on the dates. However, some of the journals I make it as public if I think it will benefited master/phd candidates.

What is epistemology (Journal 23-1-2016)

Epistemology(Epi) is:

  1. Study of our method of acquiring knowledge
  2. Knowledge of understanding
  3. the study of knowledge

Example of Epi questions:

  1. What does the knowledge mean?
  2. How does a person get to know something?
  3. What is the basis for true knowledge.

Philosophical Epi questions:

What does knowledge mean and how does a person get to know something and what is the basis for true knowledge?

Video explanation for epistemology: